We're on Steam!

You can now wishlist Mythic Ocean on Steam!

We’ve also released our first full trailer for the game! You can watch it on Steam or on Youtube:

Our mailing list is now active, so if you want to get major updates for the game, you can sign up here.

We’ve also gotten more active recently posting development updates on Twitter. You can find us here:

Official game Twitter: follow this for general updates about the game.

Paralune Twitter: follow this to see what we’ve been up to, and get announcements about future projects.

We also use our individual accounts to dive into more detail on what we’ve been working on:

Matt’s Twitter: Matt does programming, environment art, lighting, and tech art.

Robyn’s Twitter: Robyn does character modeling, texturing, and animation, and illustrations.

Darren’s Twitter: Darren writes for the game, composes the soundtrack, makes VFX, and does scripting.