Announcing Mythic Ocean

For the past year, Paralune has been hard at work on a game.

Keeping it a secret has been tough. So far we’ve focused on proving out our ideas and teaching ourselves all the necessary skills to make it happen, but now we’re finally ready to share our first project: Mythic Ocean.

Here’s a brief teaser video:

It’s a single-player, first-person, underwater exploration game set in an otherworldly ocean. The idea for the game came from our mutual fascination with the sea - our love for its gentle beauty, and our fear of its darkest depths.

You’ll meet many strange creatures, and what you say to them will have a big impact on how they feel about you and each other. The mystery of where this world came from - and where it’s headed - will become clearer as you form bonds with its inhabitants and help them grow.

We’re using Unreal Engine 4 and currently planning for a PC release on Steam. We’re considering support for consoles as well.

Please stay tuned to find out more about Mythic Ocean! We’re excited to show you our progress, so we’ll be posting on Twitter, Youtube, and this blog to give you more glimpses of the game and its development. You can also find more details about the game in our presskit.